This week in our Monday morning circle, we practiced a Persian welcoming poem for Carnival.

In the afternoon, some people decorated the house and others stayed in the dining room and sang songs with Forrest.

On Tuesday morning at 10:30, we started our Carnival celebration. This year’s theme was Persia. Sean dressed up as an airplane pilot and flew us to Persia (Iran). Once we arrived we went into our Persian tent (the big room) which was decorated with Persian carpets, curtains, pipes, drawings and gold lions.

After that we said our welcoming poem:

‘Come, Come whoever you are
worshipper, wonderer, lover of living.
It doesn’t matter who you are.”


Abegael tells us Persian stories


Then Patricia and Abegael recited some poems and told us about some of the great Persian people like Cyrus and Zarathustra. Abegael told us a story about the Chick Pea. Then Ruth T. organized a chick pea spoon race, followed by musical pillows and a dart throwing game. Manijeh, Mina and friends performed some Persian dances. Then we all joined in. It was such fun. Our morning ended with the Persian ladies singing their national anthem.


Wonderful playing and singing


During lunch time we ate chick pea soup which was specially made for us by the Persian ladies. After lunch we all gathered into the big room and Dr. Jacques played his guitar and sang Persian songs. After that Jeff did a Persian dance and then we had more stories and more dancing. We would like to thank the Persian ladies, Manijeh, Mina, and friends for teaching us about Persian culture, decorating, and providing us with their delicious home made soup.

On Wednesday morning, the farm group went to the farm and everybody else stayed back and worked in their workshops. In the afternoon, we broke into three groups – one group did painting, the second group did clay and the last group went for a walk.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Monique did a review of all of the things that we have learned about Iran and she asked us to remember our Carnival.
After a short break, we went to Sophia house and practiced the bells for our spring concert. In the afternoon we all sat in the dining room and sang songs.

Friday morning, the garden group worked in the basket workshop clipping greenery and twigs. In the afternoon, we started to rehearse for our next fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Then, Ruth read and explained the story to us. We watched Monique act as the witch. This play will be performed on November 29th 2012.