On Monday afternoon we all went to Summerhill and practiced our tango dance steps.

Tuesday morning, Forrest led us in singing our spring time songs. Then, we all worked in our workshops.

In the afternoon we broke into our groups. One group did painting with Daniel and Hanna, and the second group did clay with John and Martha B. The last group did eurythmy with Gundula and Jule.

On Wednesday morning our Cascadia centre was closed because of the snow. We hope you had a wonderful snow day.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Forrest, Aiden and William talked about their favourite hobby, music. First, Forrest gave us a history lesson about music. We learned that music comes from the word ‘muse’ which is a spirit in Greek mythology which inspires sound and words. The basic elements of music are pitch, rhythm, tune, harmony and timbre. Probably the first musical instrument was a flute made out of a hollow bone. We also learned that 1000 years ago a man named Gwedto from Italy wrote down five lines and turned them into a song.
After that Forrest, William and Aiden played ‘Home on the Range’ on their guitars and cello.

After a short break, we went to Sophia house and we practiced for our spring bell concert. Meanwhile back at the centre Gundula’s group did bowling.

In the afternoon we broke into our clay, walking, and novel groups.

Friday morning, we sang Happy Birthday to Felix. The garden group clipped greenery and sorted seeds downstairs in the basket workshop.

All the others went to their candle, weaving and home skills group.

In the afternoon a group went swimming, while others stayed back and sang with Forrest.