This week in our Monday morning circle, we sang Happy Birthday to Arash. Then Hanna told us about her trip to Victoria. She told us that she really enjoyed going out for coffee, shopping and seeing the Royal British Columbia Museum.

After lunch we all ate Arash’s birthday cake that Arash’s mother brought.

In the afternoon, some of the companions went to Summerhill and practiced for the spring concert.

On Tuesday morning, everybody sang Happy Birthday to John. Hanna’s friends Kristina and Saskia from Germany visited and then Hanna gave them a tour of all the workshops.

In the afternoon, everybody broke into the painting, clay and eurythmy groups.

Wednesday morning, the farm group went to C-Dar Farms. Everybody else stayed at the centre and worked in their workshops.

In the afternoon we broke into our painting, reading and writing groups.

This week in our Thursday morning college, John taught us the history of golf. We learned that no one really knows who invented the game. In the first century B.C., the Romans were the first ones to use a bent stick to hit a leather ball into the hole. They called this game ‘paganica’. Later the Chinese, English, French and Persians played similar games. The modern game of golf started in Scotland in the 14th century. Its most famous and first golf course is at St. Andrews in Dornach, Scotland.

Today golf is played on a golf course with one –four players. Each player has to hit the ball with a club and attempt to place it in a small cup. The winner is the player who takes the least amount of strokes. A game is made up of 18 holes. The challenges are driving the ball a long way, avoiding the rough or ponds and putting the ball into the small cup.

After our lesson about golf, Aiden invited most of the companions to come and play some golf on a demo golf course.


After a short break we broke into groups: one group baked a cake for Sunday’s party, another group worked with the compost and the last group played golf.

In the afternoon, we all sat in the big room and sang with Forrest.
Friday morning we sang Happy Birthday to Monique and then everybody worked in the workshops.

After lunch, we all went to Summerhill and performed our concert for the residents of Summerhill. They enjoyed the concert. We did too.