On Monday morning, Cely lit the first candle for Advent. Then the companions took turns walking around the spiral, putting down apples with lit candles in them. Also we opened the first window for Advent.

Tuesday morning, we sang our Advent songs and then we opened the second window. In the afternoon some of the companions went to Waldorf high school and practiced for the play; some went to Bridget house and did clay and others stayed at Cascadia and painted.


Some players posing for the photographer


On Wednesday morning, we all went to the Waldorf high school and practiced our play. In the afternoon everybody went for a walk.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Ruth T. talked about the community that lives under the earth. She told us of gnomes living underneath us and that they are trying very hard to help us grow our vegetables in our garden. Also we learned that the gnomes are working with different minerals like copper, iron, silver and gold.

During college we could hear the coworkers practicing their Christmas songs for ‘Just Singing’ Round’ so we hammered like gnomes on wood, metal, and rocks to the tune of the “Little Drummer Boy”. After snack break the bell choir practiced their songs with Lorna for our fairy tale.

In the afternoon, some of the companions went for a walk while others sang to the tunes of the Christmas songs played on the bells.


Bells are ringing as coworkers practise for Christmas


Friday morning, the companions worked in their workshops. Some tried on costumes and others sang Christmas songs. In the afternoon, some went swimming while others enjoyed singing pop songs with Forrest.