This week in our Tuesday morning circle, we practiced our songs for the St.John’s play and then we sang Happy Birthday to Jade. Ruth told us that Barbara became a Grandmother over the weekend. She now has a granddaughter.

Then we went into our six conversation groups. After a short break, we worked in our workshops. In the afternoon, we went in to our painting, clay, eurythmy and card making groups.

Wednesday morning, the farm group went to C-Dar farm and everybody else stayed back and worked in their workshops.

After lunch we went into our reading, writing, painting and card making groups.

On Thursday morning, Ruth T. told us about Kaspar Hauser. He was born 200 years ago. He was kidnapped as a baby, and lived in a dungeon and was fed bread and water by a hooded man. He was set free, but later died of a stab wound. In our conversation groups, we talked about him. We thought he was interesting because he lived twelve years in a dungeon. He learned to read, write and draw.

After a short break, half of the companions went to Sophia house to practice the bells for our Hansel and Gretel play. Back at the centre, Gundula’s group did drawing and bowling.

In the afternoon, the clay group did clay and everybody else practiced The Saint John’s play.

Friday morning, everyone worked in the garden preparing for Saturday and Sunday’s ‘Art in the Garden’ show.

This weekend Ruth T. and Kaspar House had their yearly ‘Art in the Garden’ show. I visited with my Mom on Saturday. Before the visitors came into the garden they could enter a draw to win a prize. Then, they were greeted by Jeff and Patricia. Visitors came and explored the beds of flowering and vegetable plants; the woven willow fence, different types of art works from Fariba Ghaffari’s paintings to John Winkler’s pottery of bowls, plates, and flower pots. Also our visitors experienced a quiet walk down to the creek or they could sit and listen to Holly Burke’s music from the balcony of Kaspar House. I enjoyed the show and I know that Ruth T. and all the gardeners put a lot of work into the show. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you next year.


Anthony and Helgi look forward to planting their basil

Abegael and Ruth in front of one of Fariba’s paintings

John demonstrates his art

Holly and Dino provide sweet music